BLFS Template Update

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Mon Jul 23 16:43:36 PDT 2001

Mark Hymers wrote:

>Hi all,
>Having looked at all of the suggestions over the past couple of days,
>I've created a new structure idea.  It's just in text for now - the
>online html and xml has NOT been updated.  This document is an idea and
>I'd like it to be discussed on the list so we can get a working version
>soon and start adding instructions and getting on with the book
>I've attached the template to this email and it's also available at
Looks pretty good.  I think we should add Mozilla, but there isn't a 
good section for that.  Other programs we might want to include 
are GnuPG (or maybe PGP), mySQL or postgres, and of course a section on 

  -- Bruce

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