BLFS Template Update

J. Jones jjones at
Mon Jul 23 10:28:12 PDT 2001

On Mon, Jul 23, 2001 at 05:31:31PM +0100, Mark Hymers wrote:
> Hi all,
> Having looked at all of the suggestions over the past couple of days,
> I've created a new structure idea.  It's just in text for now - the
> online html and xml has NOT been updated.  This document is an idea and
> I'd like it to be discussed on the list so we can get a working version
> soon and start adding instructions and getting on with the book
> properly.

Looks good.

> Part II - General system software
> 	After LFS Configuration Issues
> 		--> inputrc
> 		--> ?? a better vimrc
> 		--> Creating a custom bootdisk
> 	Shared Libraries
> 		--> zlib
> 		--> openssl
> 		--> Graphics libraries: libmng, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, lcms
> 	Basic software and drivers
> 		--> alsa sound support 
> 		--> gpm
> 		--> cron - which version; current hint suggests fcron

Most cron's require some sort of MTA already installed (fcron is difficult to
work around).  Vixie's cron is the most featureful/bloated.  Dillon's cron
(dcron) is the simplist (it can easily install without an MTA too).  Both of
them are no longer 'actively' maintained and will require some patching.

> Part V - The X Window System
> 	Installing X11
> 		--> Installing X
> 		--> Fonts, anti-aliasing - all that stuff
> 		--> Extra drivers; e.g. nvidia etc.
> 		--> DRI stuff
> 		--> ??Recompilation of vim (to get gvim)

I believe we'd want gtk+ installed before we do this.  It's much prettier than
the other gui options.

> Part VII - Multimedia
> 	Multimedia Libraries
> 		--> sdl, id3lib, avifile
> 	Audio
> 		--> xmms
> 		--> ??mpg123
> 		--> lame
> 		--> cdparanoia

Absolutely.  It should also be installed prior to xmms so the vorbis plugin
will be built.  Lame shows hints of vorbis support, but it wouldn't build for
me (not sure who to blame).  Oggenc is fine.

ogg vorbis > *

> 	CD-Writing
> 		--> mkisofs
> 		--> cdrecord (is this the best cd-rec software?) 

Is there an option? Most things are frontends to it.

> One or two things that I don't have a clue where to put: 
> 	(suggestions welcome)
> 		--> MySQL, screen

I'd throw MySQL into the networking section (PHP/Apache will want it).  No
idea for screen.  I don't think you have a section for things like it yet.  ;)

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