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Mark Hymers markh at
Mon Jul 23 09:31:31 PDT 2001

Hi all,
Having looked at all of the suggestions over the past couple of days,
I've created a new structure idea.  It's just in text for now - the
online html and xml has NOT been updated.  This document is an idea and
I'd like it to be discussed on the list so we can get a working version
soon and start adding instructions and getting on with the book
I've attached the template to this email and it's also available at
Mark Hymers					 BLFS Project Leader
markh at
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			     Beyond Linux From Scratch

OK - This is draft 20010723 of the BLFS plan.  I suspect it'll get
conversation going on the list.  There'll probably be MANY more revisions before
we start on the book properly.

I'm NOT updating the XML source at this stage as it's pointless.  Once
we finalise the starting outline I'll get the XML up and put some
templates on the web.

Hope people think this is a good start

Mark (markh at

Project outline

Table of Contents

	Who would want to read this book

Part I - Introduction
	Important Information

Part II - General system software
	After LFS Configuration Issues
		--> inputrc
		--> ?? a better vimrc
		--> Creating a custom bootdisk
	Shared Libraries
		--> zlib
		--> openssl
		--> Graphics libraries: libmng, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, lcms
	Basic software and drivers
		--> alsa sound support 
		--> gpm
		--> cron - which version; current hint suggests fcron
		--> CVS
		--> hdparm

Part III - Basic Networking
	Getting networking working
		--> Static users is dealt with in LFS already
		--> DHCP users; dhcpcd, 
		--> Dialup users: pppd + chat, wvdial
		--> pppoe user
		--> ISDN users
	Basic networking software
		--> Setting up a firewall: using iptables
		--> netkit-combo (clients only)
		--> links or lynx
	Installing a Mail system
		--> MTA's - postfix, qmail, sendmail
		--> Procmail
		--> Fetchmail
		--> Mail clients - mutt, pine

Part IV - Further Networking
	Extra Networking Software
		--> openSSH
		--> traceroute
		--> whois
		--> wget
		--> ncftp
		--> bitchx, xchat
	Server daemons
		--> xinetd
		--> Note on running sshd (installation stuff above)
		--> Running netkit-combo daemons (NOT RECOMMENDED)
		--> Apache
		--> PHP
		--> Samba
		--> Basic Bind installation

Part V - The X Window System
	Installing X11
		--> Installing X
		--> Fonts, anti-aliasing - all that stuff
		--> Extra drivers; e.g. nvidia etc.
		--> DRI stuff
		--> ??Recompilation of vim (to get gvim)
	KDE installation
		--> Qt
		--> KDE
	Gnome installation
		--> Gnome

Part VI - Printer, Scanner and Typesetting Support
	Printer support
		--> lprng, cups
		--> Ghostscript setup
	Scanner support
		--> SANE
	Typesetting support
		--> a2ps
		--> openjade
		--> latex

Part VII - Multimedia
	Multimedia Libraries
		--> sdl, id3lib, avifile
		--> xmms
		--> ??mpg123
		--> lame
		--> cdparanoia
		--> mplayer
		--> avifile 
		--> mkisofs
		--> cdrecord (is this the best cd-rec software?) 

One or two things that I don't have a clue where to put: 
	(suggestions welcome)
		--> MySQL, screen

Other thoughts - 
a section on graphics software; i.e. mainly GIMP? some
other stuff

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