QT installation instructions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Jul 22 18:51:46 PDT 2001

J_Man wrote:

>QT itself recommends not using ld.so.conf, and recommends this method, and
>of course, the user has ultimate control, and can build qt wherever he/she
>wants (could build in /opt/kde/accessories/junk/qt, if they wanted).  And
>again, on the libmng stuff, I don't mind including it...but I've never seen
>a need for it, and I've built numerous build's of QT. the --accel-mach64
>flag is only useful when buildign Embedded QT, if you check the
>./configure --help screen, as are many of the other options, and compiler
>optimizations are not necessarily a QT thing, but more a generic thing for
>all packages, imho.
IIRC the QT docs suggested using ld.so.conf for a permanent solution. 
 The LD_LIBRARY_PATH is only for development.  In general, it is not 
recommended for normal use in any application.

I probably didn't need -accel-mach64, but it didn't look like it hurt 

If you put qt in someplace other where apps that use it normally find 
it, everytime you do an install, you have to define where the headers 
and libraries are.  The alternative is to move them, but that can be 
tricky with qt.  I wish they had a standard make install.

  -- Bruce

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