BLFS Bugzilla open for business! BUT.....

Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Jul 22 10:17:12 PDT 2001

Hi all,

As you may have noticed from the test posts above, the new BLFS bugzilla
is now open for business.

It can be found at:

Please, for the moment, don't add packages you'd like to see there or we
could end up with chaos :-)  I'm going to post a txt document tomorrow
at somewhere which will have in ALL of the
suggestions so far (I hope).  We can then argue about^W^W discuss it for
a few days and then I'll add the initial packages and parts and stuff.
I know it seems daft not to use bugzilla now its there but I think we
should throw ideas around here and on #blfs for a few days first.

Oh - by the way - I've just thought - you can't add anything to bugzilla
anyways as I haven't enabled the project to recieve bugs yet!

I promise promise promise it won't be more than a couple of days before
it's opened up.  In the meantime, you can all be creating your accounts
for the grand opening :-)

For those of you who haven't used bugzilla before (if anyone) go to the
site and it should be self-explanatory.  There's also quite a bit of
help online.

Thanks to everyone who's joined the list or #blfs so far.


Mark Hymers					 BLFS Project Leader
markh at

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