libtiff installation instructions

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Jul 22 07:43:49 PDT 2001

J_Man wrote:

>libtiff - TIFF (Tag Image File Format) library
>version - 3.5.6 beta
>download location -
>Home Page -
>tar zxf tiff-v3.5.6-beta.tar.gz &&
>cd tiff-v3.5.6-beta &&
>./configure --prefix=/usr &&
>make &&
>make install &&

I haven't looke at 3.5.6 beta, but 3.5.5 needed changes to configure and 
 libtiff/  Also, the default for configure was for 
interactive querying of options and needed --noninteractive to be 
specified.  Also, any optimization needed to be specified with special 
flags to make.

I generally would not recommend using a package labeled beta in this 
book, but if these discrepancies are fixed inthe beta, we probably 
should go with that.  


  -- Bruce

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