Thoughts on FHS and how BLFS will work

Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Jul 22 07:15:04 PDT 2001

Hi all,

Deary me - the mailing list has only been active under 24 hours and
it's already gone haywire.

OK.  I'm outlining the following things about BLFS.  As far as I'm
concerned this is the way it should be though of course I'm open to
(reasoned) arguments:

1) Instructions submitted for the book do *not* necessarily have to be
FHS compliant

2) If they aren't and somebody notices - point it out *POLITELY* and
we'll add a note to the book saying that as it stands, these
instructions aren't FHS compliant.

3) If there is a change we can't agree on about FHS compliance, we'll
add it like in the LFS book - i.e. a small additional section noting
what needs to be done to make the package LFS compliant and why this
isn't the default route.

4) Just generally be polite on the mailing list - *please*! Personally I
think that LFS and BLFS are about choice and this means we'll disagree
on occasion.  It doesn't mean we have to grill each other - even though
it is barbecue season at the moment (well, where i am!).  This also
means we have to give the book's *users* choice.

If anyone has a problem with this, either mail me personally
(markh at or via the mailing list.  If you're going
to be abusive then send it privately :-) [it's easier to redirect to
/dev/null then]

I hope this outlines what I think the position should be on the FHS
issue.  I can't lay down the law however so basically, I need your
support on this.

BTW - we'll be getting our own bugzilla sometime next week so it'll be
easier to start co-ordinating the work and really get moving.

markh at
BLFS Project Leader^H^H^H^H^H^HMuggins

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