OpenSSL installation instructions

J_Man jeremy at
Sun Jul 22 06:46:26 PDT 2001

To me, what's proper is what works.....Every instruction I've submitted
tonite has worked, and I got a bunch more ready to send in....but if this is
the kind of crap I'm going to get with every submission, then maybe I better
just bow out gracefully now, and let someone who "knows what they are doing"
do the book.

Tell you what else is "kinda strange".....I'm the only person, with the
exception of roryo and libmng, who's sent in anything, and what am I getting
for it??? flames.....

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On Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 04:30:49AM -0700, J_Man wrote:
> Kinda Strange - openssl works GREAT for me here, no problems whatsoever
> using those instructions.

It will work fine, but that doesn't mean it doesn't install the
libraries the right (eg, standard/proper) way ;)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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