[Bug 13] fcron-1.1.1

Seth W. Klein sklein at mint.net
Fri Aug 31 16:14:33 PDT 2001

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> ------- Additional Comments From markh at linuxfromscratch.org  2001-08-27 17:43 -------
> I'm considering changing this to dcron instead.  Could we have comments (NOT a
> flamewar) on which cron is best maintained to include in the book.

(I've said this before so i'll keep it short.) When i looked for a
cron, fcron seemed good for users (who often like extra features) and
their workstations (which may be shut down at night), and dcron seemed
better for servers (where it's standard behavior and small size are
useful for both performance and security). Could BLFS include both
fcron and dcron just as (i assume) it will include qmail and postfix
and probably sendmail?

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