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Wed Aug 15 22:13:19 PDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 06:54:13PM +0100, Mark Hymers wrote:
> I can see the arguements for having a QA team.  For most instructions,
> before I've been adding them to cvs I've tried them myself - I certainly
> always quickly read them.  The problem is that I can't always do it.  I
> therefore agree with the principle of having people who will do it.  The
> only problem is that I don't want development slowed by it.  Could other
> people comment on this while I try and think of the best way of dealing
> with it... I'm wondering if it'd be possible to get Bugzilla, when a
> bug is marked Resolved|Finished, to send an email to the list marked
> ATTN: QA: Bug Numbers/Desc.  That way it'd be obvious that something
> needed doing.  
Since I'm the bigmouth making the suggestion, I'll also volunteer to do 
some of the work. I think it will be fairly natural -- there are going to 
be packages that I want to install that I haven't already done, so I don't 
see it as being a lot of extra work. After all, most of the reason to do 
this is because we want to use it, right?

Jeff Bauman
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