New zlib commands

atark at atark at
Mon Aug 13 20:10:13 PDT 2001

The commands allow you to use the asm routines.  Much better for performance. 
I don't know how big the gain is in the real world but it could be great.  
You would at least want to mention it in the book.  You can use the asm 
routines for other platforms but that may be overkill to automate.

At any rate only one "make install" is required.  Do this as a minumum:

./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make  &&
./configure --prefix=/usr --shared
make &&
make install &&
cp -av zlib.3 /usr/share/man/man3

On Monday 13 August 2001 06:21 am, you wrote:
> On Sun, 12, Aug, 2001 at 08:54:31PM -0400, atark at wrote:
> > Here is what I think are nicer commands to use for the zlib package. 
> > They will only work on x86, but that should not be a problem as the LFS
> > book is targeted to x86.
> This isn't strictly true ;-).  Although the book is mainly tested on
> x86, we do have people who use it on PPC (I think) and maybe other
> platforms so we try to keep it as platform independent as possible.
> > cp -v contrib/asm`/bin/arch | cut -c 2-`/match.S . &&
> > CFLAGS="-DASMV $CFLAGS" ./configure --prefix=/usr &&
> > OBJA=match.o sed "s/(OBJS)$/(OBJS) \$(OBJA)/" Makefile | make -e -f - &&
> > ./configure --prefix=/usr --shared &&
> > OBJA=match.o sed "s/(OBJS)$/(OBJS) \$(OBJA)/" Makefile | make -e -f - &&
> > make install &&
> > cp -av zlib.3 /usr/share/man/man3
> I will have a look at these instructions when I wake up to see what
> you're aiming to do with them - my brain isn't switched on yet!
> Could I have comments on whether we should aim for platform independence
> as far as reasonably possible?
> Mark

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