RFC: firewall-hint_v1.3

Paul Campbell paul at cmm.uklinux.net
Sun Aug 12 16:53:54 PDT 2001

On Sunday 12 August 2001 20:05, you wrote:
> My $0.02

My £0.01 worth

Right, I'm not a firewall guru, in fact the opposite.  I fought a few battles 
with IPtables and promptly gave up.  Every script or tutorial I followed 
either failed to produce the effect it claimed or simply fell over and locked 
the network.  Varying reasons being differing modules configs and aliases, 
confusing or ill defined enviroment and script variables.

I'm picking up on the point made about the "idiots-out-of-the-box" firewall, 
for when you don't want or need to understand it all, or are trying to learn 
and not getting very far.

I in the end, after lastly attempting the LFS-firwall hint, on my mandrake 
server gave up and installed bastille.  I feel that a "Last - Resort - Idiots 
- Firewall" should at least reference this utility.  As far as understand it, 
Bastille is simply a series of very well written perl scripts, but Bastille 
Interactive goes much further than just firewall and would make a good small 
addition to the book.

I haven't attempted it yet, but I could spare some time on documenting it's 
installation for the book or even just the hints.

paul at cmm.uklinux.net

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