RFC: firewall-hint_v1.3

Greg Turpin gregturp at home.com
Sun Aug 12 12:05:47 PDT 2001

On Sunday 12 August 2001 12:18 pm, you wrote:
> Henning,
> Thanks very much for your well-reasoned response and invitation to
> collaborate on this.
> I'd like to address your points, but first, I think we should get some
> feedback from the others on this list as to 1) whether we should continue
> this discussion on or off-list, and 2) whether what you propose will fit
> within the scope of BLFS. It's not on the outline, so I think we should
> have buy-in regarding this prior to starting in. Frankly, I think I'm
> leaning more towards the "here's how to install and here is a very basic
> setup. If you're going to open ports to the internet, here's a bunch of
> resources to study" approach myself. Let's see what the others think.

I think the basic setup and installation would be fine.
I think a full firewall discussion would be a bit outside the scope of
BLFS.  But, we could easily provide links to other useful documents.

My $0.02


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