Beyond LFS

Richard Lightman richard at
Sun Aug 12 05:35:22 PDT 2001

Misquoted from jbauman at on 2001/08/11 at 14:15 +0000:
> Mark, What is the plan for packages that are not easily made FHS compliant, 
> such as Qmail? -- particularly if you are using the author's daemontools, 
> which wants to be installed in /service? Do we need to hack the code into 
> compliance, or will there be exceptions?
I have got DJB's tools to use some better install directories, but it
is not 100% FHS. I would do more, but the code contains some hard coded
directories. If I fixed them, then I would not be able to distribute the

Here are some notes on DJB software. For full details take a look at:

hier.c contains a list of files and directories, with install paths,
permissions, owners and groups. grep -v all the preformatted man-pages
out. I put everything into a temporary directory, and fix any legacy
/usr/{man,info} before transfering to root, but you could fix them
in hier.c directly.

'make it' makes the binaries
'make install' makes a program called install (uses hier.c)
'./install' installs binaries according to hier.c

You can avoid issues with changing the source code with links like:
    ln -s /usr/bin var/qmail/bin
    ln -s /etc/qmail var/qmail/control
    ln -s /var/smtpd/log/main/current /var/log/smtpd
    ln -s /var/qmail/log/main/current /var/log/qmail
    ln -s /etc/tinydns /var/tinydns/root/data

There are often conf files that do useful things:

echo >conf-cc "gcc $CFLAGS"
echo >conf-home /var/qmail


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