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Sat Aug 11 18:50:51 PDT 2001

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> Mark, What is the plan for packages that are not easily made FHS compliant, 
> such as Qmail? -- particularly if you are using the author's daemontools, 
> which wants to be installed in /service? Do we need to hack the code into 
> compliance, or will there be exceptions?
> Thanks, Jeff
Well that is good point... It is possible to make the daemontools fully FHS
complient, it just means an alternate install method from the authors, now i
haven't used daemontools in a while, but i'll dig into the archives for the
install method when i get a free moment and post it... Or you can give it a
shot yourself...

>From memory /serveice became /var/service for local state informaion, the
logging output of course goes into /var/log ... and erm, there was a lib
component as well, cant remember exactly now ;)  

And instead of having a path declared in innitab and spawning the service from
there, a normal /etc/init.d/script is used...

Apart from djb's total contempt for ANY standards - he codes good apps.  So
imho his tools would make a good addition to the book...


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