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Sun Aug 12 00:53:11 PDT 2001

Hi Mark,

I think you are going to hate me for this... but I'm still going to post 
this... I have done some changes into the outline to sort things out... I 
don't know if this is better or worse... and I add in few things that I 
think a lot of people might want...

I'm just trying to help :) Well if you don't like the new OUTLINE... you 
just take watever things that's new in my OUTLINE and put it into yours :) 
I'm still all excited about this :)

		     Beyond Linux From Scratch

OK This is another outline from me
DeuX - Iswandi Marzuki, Tio Hiap Ho

Project outline

Table of Contents

	Who would want to read this book

Part I - Introduction
	Important Information

Part II - General system software
	After LFS Configuration Issues
		--> inputrc
		--> ?? a better vimrc
		--> Creating a custom bootdisk
	Shared Libraries
		--> zlib [/usr]
		--> openssl [/usr]
		--> Graphics libraries: libmng, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, lcms [/usr]
	Basic software and drivers
		--> alsa sound support [/usr]
		--> gpm [/usr/local]
		--> cron - which version; current hint suggests fcron[/usr]
		--> CVS [/usr/local]
		--> hdparm [/usr/local]
	Programming Languages
		*** --> Python? [/usr] ***
		<new>--> Java (It's not open source but you can get it for free)
			In time to come, I think gcc will come with more stable Java 
			and Gerard might want to enable it into from gcc. </new>

Part III - Basic Networking
	More on Networking
		--> Static users is dealt with in LFS already
		--> DHCP users; dhcpcd, [/usr]
		--> Dialup users: pppd + chat, wvdial [/usr ??]
		--> pppoe user [/usr]
		--> ISDN users [/usr]
		--> Using iptables for Firewall, <new>IP Masquarading</new> [/usr]
		--> netkit-combo [/usr]
		--> openSSH [/usr]
		--> traceroute [/usr/local]
		--> whois [/usr/local]

	Various Servers
		--> MTA's - postfix, qmail, sendmail [/usr]
		--> Procmail [/usr]
		--> Fetchmail [/usr]
		<new>--> POP3 Access</new>
		<new>DNS Server
		--> djbdns</new> or bind ?
		<new>DHCP Server
		--> ISC DHCP Server (DHCPD)</new>
		Services Deamon
		--> xinetd [/usr]
		--> Note on running sshd (installation stuff above)
                <new> --> A big sample of xinetd.conf for everything under 
the sun </new>
                Samba Server
		--> Samba
		<new>HTTP Server
		--> Apache with PHP, Perlmod (faster perl CGI),
		FTP Server
		--> Proftpd
		Database Server
		--> MySQL
		--> Oracle Database (It's not open source but it's free to download)</new>

Part IV - Konsole Application
	--> links and lynx [/usr/local]
	--> bitchx, xchat [/usr/local]
	--> wget [/usr/local]
	--> ncftp [/usr/local]
	<new>SQL Clients</new>

Part V - The X Window System
	Installing X11
		--> Installing X [/usr/X11R6]
		--> Fonts, anti-aliasing - all that stuff
		--> Extra drivers; e.g. nvidia etc.
		--> DRI stuff
		--> ??Recompilation of vim (to get gvim)
	KDE installation
		--> Qt [/opt/qt]
		--> KDE [/opt/kde]
	Gnome installation
		--> Gnome [/opt/gnome]

Part VI - X Desktop Application
	--> Mail clients - mutt, pine [/usr/local] (I'm not sure if this is X or 
konsole application)
	<new>--> Opera or Netscape
	--> Star Office (Although I prefer KOffice)
	--> Axyftp
	GUI SQL Clients	</new>
	--> bitchx, xchat [/usr/local]

Part VII - Printer, Scanner and Typesetting Support
	Printer support
		--> lprng, cups [/usr???]
		--> Ghostscript setup [/usr/local]
	Scanner support
		--> SANE [/usr/local]
	Typesetting support
		--> a2ps [/usr/local]
		--> openjade [/usr/local]
		--> latex [/usr/local]

Part VIII - Multimedia
	Multimedia Libraries
		--> sdl, id3lib, avifile [/usr/local]
		--> xmms [/usr/local]
		--> ??mpg123 [/usr/local]
		--> lame [/usr/local]
		--> cdparanoia [/usr/local]
		--> mplayer [/usr/local]
		--> avifile [/usr/local]
		--> mkisofs [/usr/local]
		--> cdrecord [/usr/local]

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