Beyond LFS

Iswandi Marzuki hiap_ho at
Sat Aug 11 13:57:52 PDT 2001

Hi again,

>I notice that you have subscribed to blfs-book.  That's a good start!
Done also :)

>Take a look at
>and the bugzilla at

>Create yourself a bugzilla account and assign yourself any task that
>takes your fancy.  If there's something in OUTLINE which hasn't been
>added to bugzilla yet, email me and I'll add it.
All done :)

>Make suggestions on the list. I do read it even if I haven't much time
>to write to it at the moment :-)

OK this is also done :)

>Finally, how much XML do you know?
Basically almost none other than the theory that it's suppose a good way to 
define a book in the net :) But I'm willing to learn...

>I suggest installing cvs if you don't have it already and checking out >the 
>BLFS tree.  Then have a read of the XML stuff and see what you >understand. 
>  If you need help ask me or the list.  You may also find >answers in the 
>mailing list archives.
CVS is installed although I don't know how to use it yet... but like I said 
I'm willing to learn so you can teach me... and I hope you find me as a 
quick learner...

Anyway I have taken two out of the bugzilla, although I'm not too sure what 
I'm supposed to do after that... so basically I'm waiting for you...


Iswandi Marzuki, Tio Hiap Ho (This is one whole name)

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