Beyond LFS

Iswandi Marzuki hiap_ho at
Sat Aug 11 13:13:00 PDT 2001


I have read through the OUTLINE, and I would like to give some comments...

I think it does not really matter where this all should go like /usr or 
/usr/local... I personally prefer to put everything in /usr so it'll be 
easier for me to find stuffs. But since we are starting Beyond LFS, why 
don't we put everything from this part into /beyond <--- and ask the user to 
put it into their preferable places... and of course /etc will be where we 
put all the config or else... we'll have to fight to the end to determine 
where is the appropriate place...

Apart from that... we are missing on the Database server, although not many 
people using it... but I think I'll be nice to have them. Oracle Database 
server for Linux is free for download as long as you are registered, and we 
definitely can have MySQL.

We can also add Java as one of the programming languages.

That's my input for now... I'm really interested to be in the core team of 
Beyond LFS Books since I've not been able to contribute much to the LFS 


Iswandi Marzuki, Tio

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