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Mark Hymers markh at
Sat Aug 11 04:42:36 PDT 2001

On Sat, 11, Aug, 2001 at 01:17:11AM +0000, Iswandi Marzuki wrote:
> You can start telling me in which way I should write part of the blfs book 
> so I can start writing part of it... because seriously... I'm totally 
> excited with this...
> Finally I can start contributing to LFS Community ?
I assume you mean *how* do we write the book.  We use XML to write it
(as with the LFS book).  I'm copying an email I sent to someone the
other day (sorry - I've forgotton who) which sort of gives a basic
introduction to writing for BLFS:

(Not all of this will be relevant but I've just literally :r'd the file
in (in vim!))

**** Copied Email starts here

> I recently contacted Gerard to ask him if he needs any help with the
> linux from scratch project. He told me that most of the duties for LFS are
> taken care of, but that you may need help with BLFS.
> I've been looking for a project to work on for some time, and I'm willing
> to dedicate a fair amount of time to working on BLFS stuff. Is there
> anything that you need a hand with?

I notice that you have subscribed to blfs-book.  That's a good start!
Don't be worried by the lack of traffic for now, I'm busy helping with
LFS-3.0 at the moment and so BLFS work is slowed at the moment.

Take a look at
and the bugzilla at

Create yourself a bugzilla account and assign yourself any task that
takes your fancy.  If there's something in OUTLINE which hasn't been
added to bugzilla yet, email me and I'll add it.

Make suggestions on the list. I do read it even if I haven't much time
to write to it at the moment :-)

Finally, how much XML do you know?  I suggest installing cvs if you
don't have it already and checking out the BLFS tree.  Then have a read
of the XML stuff and see what you understand.  If you need help ask me
or the list.  You may also find answers in the mailing list archives.

Above all, have fun!

Thanks for any help you can offer.

*** Copied email ends here

As mentioned above, any questions can either go to blfs-book (preferred)
or if they're specific ones which the list would find boring or
irrelevant, then send them straight to me (points below to email

Right - I've got to disconnect from the Internet now as my mother wants
to ring me :-)


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