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Mark Hymers markh at
Thu Aug 9 11:50:09 PDT 2001

> > > I have come into some hardware conflicting, and have found the following packages useful (well, pciutils as I don't have isa).  Hence, I am suggesting their inclusion into the base lfs book.  These are pciutils (for lspci and setpci) and isapnptools (isa counterpart to the former).  They are easy to configure (standard configure, make install).
> > 
> > We have decided a while ago not to add any of such software packages and
> > strictly keep the LFS-Book to a minimalistic development system from
> > which you can build anything else you actually need for normal usage.
> > pciutils and isapnptools are not considered part of such a system.
> > 
> > LFS book gives you a start, now you finish it of by yourself by adding
> > pciutils and isapnptools and whatever you personally need. That's the
> > whole idea of LFS - do it yourself with LFS giving you a start
> Add that to blfs?
Good idea.  I've cc'd this to blfs-book to remind me to sort it out
after the release of LFS-3.0!


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