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DKDY Comes Out On The Market In Style, Market Investors Get First Look at E-Pang Theme Park 

Dark Dynamite Inc.
Sy: D K D Y
Lst: $0.67
Note: Huge Market Exposure expected to increase stock

DKDY has had been the buzz on the market over the last few months with huge interest 
in the success they have had in the china tourism market. With increases of over 8% in 
just the first openings of the year, DKDY has never looked better as a great investment, 
till now.

DKDY has launched their website showing detailed investor info, galleries of the E Pang 
Theme Park, and details of the many successes the company has achieved over the last few 

Check out the new website for DKDY

Now recent interviews have increased their exposure via

Lei Ming, Chairman and President of Dark Dynamite, Inc. updated the investment community 
in an all-new interview with . Interview highlights include detailed 
discussions on the following topics:

    - history of the company, and its current operations
    - traffic problems resulting from the development of the company's theme
      park, and how the company will resolve them
    - current capitalization
    - trends in the Chinese tourism industry; steps the company is taking to
      capitalize on these trends
    - key executives
    - upcoming strategic and financial milestones

and Listen to the interview at

Get on DKDY in the morning and jump on board with a solid investment.

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