r2428 - jhalfs/branches/experimental/common

georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 27 15:40:45 PST 2006

Author: georgeb
Date: 2006-03-27 16:40:44 -0700 (Mon, 27 Mar 2006)
New Revision: 2428

Added context sensitive help for cmd line switches.

Modified: jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions
--- jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions	2006-03-27 21:07:08 UTC (rev 2427)
+++ jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions	2006-03-27 23:40:44 UTC (rev 2428)
@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@
 declare -r L_arrow=$'\e[1;33m<\e[0m'
 usage() {
 cat <<- -EOF-
@@ -45,6 +44,78 @@
 ${BOLD}  -h, --help${OFF}
         print this help, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -V, --version${OFF}
+        print version information, then exit
+${BOLD}  -D  --directory DIR${OFF}
+        use DIR directory for building ${BOLD}$(echo $PROGNAME | tr [a-z] [A-Z])${OFF}; all files jhalfs produces will be
+        in the directory DIR/jhalfs.
+${BOLD}  -R --rebuild${OFF}
+        clean the build directory before to perfom any other task. The directory
+        is cleaned only if it was populated by a previous jhalfs run.
+${BOLD}  -G, --get-packages${OFF}
+        download the packages and patches. This assumes that the server declared in the
+        conf file has the proper packages and patches for the book version being processed.
+${BOLD}  -T, --testsuites N ${OFF}
+        Run test suites  [0-3]
+          0 = none
+          1 = only chapter06 Glibc, GCC and Binutils testsuites
+          2 = all chapter06 testsuites
+          3 = all chapter05 and chapter06 testsuites        
+${BOLD}  -W, --working-copy DIR${OFF}
+        use the local working copy placed in DIR as the $(echo $PROGNAME | tr [a-z] [A-Z]) book
+${BOLD}  -B, --book VER${OFF}
+        checkout VER version of the LFS book. Supported versions at this time are:
+        dev* | trunk | SVN     aliases for Development {C,H,B}LFS
+        alpha*                 aliases for the LFS alphabetical branch
+        udev*                  aliases for the LFS udev_update branch
+${BOLD}  -F, --fstab FILE${OFF}
+        use FILE as the /etc/fstab file for the ${BOLD}$(echo $PROGNAME | tr [a-z] [A-Z])${OFF} system. If not specified,
+        a default /etc/fstab file with dummy values is created.
+${BOLD}  -K, --kernel-config FILE${OFF}
+        use the kernel configuration file specified in FILE to build the kernel.
+        if the file is not found, or if not specified, the kernel build is skipped.
+${BOLD}  -M, --run-make${OFF}
+        run make on the generated Makefile
+[[ ${PROGNAME} = "clfs" ]] &&
+cat <<- -EOF-
+${BOLD}  -A, --arch ARCH ${OFF}
+        Select the TARGET architecture, valid selections are:
+           32bit builds
+        x86, i486, i586, ppc, mips, mipsel, sparc, sparcv8 
+           64bit builds
+        x86_64-64, mips64-64, mipsel64-64, sparc64-64, alpha
+           64bit multi-lib
+        x86_64, mips64, mipsel64, sparc64, ppc64
+${BOLD}  --method BUILDMETHOD ${OFF}
+        Select the build method, chroot or boot 
+${BOLD}  --boot_config FILE ${OFF}
+        The configuration file for the bootstrap kernel if method=boot
+[[ ${PROGNAME} = "hlfs" ]] &&
+cat <<- -EOF-
+${BOLD}  --model STYLE ${OFF}
+        Select the library model for the HLFS system
+        Valid choices are: glibc or uclibc 
+cat <<- -EOF-
+  exit
+usage2() {
+    'clear'
+cat <<- -EOF-
+ Usage: $0 ${BOLD}[OPTION]
+${BOLD}  -h, --help${OFF}
+        print this help, then exit
+${BOLD}  -V, --version${OFF}
         print version number, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -d  --directory DIR${OFF}
         use DIR directory for building ${BOLD}$(echo $PROGNAME | tr [a-z] [A-Z])${OFF}; all files jhalfs produces will be

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