r2399 - in jhalfs/branches/experimental: CLFS common

georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 23 16:26:06 PST 2006

Author: georgeb
Date: 2006-03-23 17:26:03 -0700 (Thu, 23 Mar 2006)
New Revision: 2399

common/common_functions, removal of dead variables and text

Modified: jhalfs/branches/experimental/CLFS/master.sh
--- jhalfs/branches/experimental/CLFS/master.sh	2006-03-23 22:33:14 UTC (rev 2398)
+++ jhalfs/branches/experimental/CLFS/master.sh	2006-03-24 00:26:03 UTC (rev 2399)
@@ -755,7 +755,7 @@
     # If $vrs isn't empty, we've got a package...
     # Insert instructions for unpacking the package and changing directories
-    [[ "$vrs" != "" ]] && wrt_unpack "$name-$vrs.tar.*"
+    [[ "$vrs" != "" ]] && wrt_unpack2 "$name-$vrs.tar.*"
     # Select a script execution method
     case $this_script in

Modified: jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions
--- jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions	2006-03-23 22:33:14 UTC (rev 2398)
+++ jhalfs/branches/experimental/common/common-functions	2006-03-24 00:26:03 UTC (rev 2399)
@@ -44,8 +44,6 @@
 ${BOLD}  -h, --help${OFF}
         print this help, then exit
-${BOLD}  --readme${OFF}
-        print a small readme file, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -V, --version${OFF}
         print version number, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -d  --directory DIR${OFF}
@@ -91,20 +89,16 @@
 ${BOLD}  -h, --help${OFF}
         print this help, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -V, --version${OFF}
         print version number, then exit
 ${BOLD}  -B, --BLFS-version VER${OFF}
         checkout VER version of the BLFS book.
         If not set, the development version is used.
            Supported versions at this time are:
          dev* | trunk | SVN     aliases for Development BLFS
 ${BOLD}  -W, --working-copy DIR${OFF}
         use the local working copy placed in DIR as the BLFS book
 ${BOLD}  -D, --dependencies  TYPE${OFF}
         add dependencies of type TYPE to the build tree.
         If not set, both required a recommended are used.
@@ -114,11 +108,9 @@
         required               only required dependecies are used
         recommended            both required a recommended dependencies are used
         optional               all dependencies are used
 ${BOLD}  -S, --server SERVER${OFF}
         set the FTP/HTTP server used as fallback to download the packages.
         If not specified, the one set in jhablfs.conf is used.
 ${BOLD}  -T, --testsuites${OFF}
         add support to run the optional testsuites
@@ -126,28 +118,6 @@
-     This script, ${PROGNAME}, strives to create an accurate makefile
-   directly from the xml files used to generate the Hardened Linux From
-   Scratch document.
-     The usage of this script assumes you have read and are familiar with
-   the book and therefore the configuration variables found in jhahlfs.conf
-   will have meaning to you. There are a limited number of command line
-   switches which, if used, will override the config file settings.
-   NOTES::
-   *.  The resulting Makefile takes considerable time to run to completion,
-   lay in a supply of caffeine beverages.
-   *.  It is recommended that you temporarily unpack your linux kernel and
-   run <make menuconfig> and configure the kernal as per the book and save
-   the resulting .config file.
-   *.  Chapter07 contains numerous command files which require customizing
-   before you start console, profile, hosts, network, fstab, kernel.
 ${BOLD}\"${PROGNAME}\"${OFF} script module (development) \$Date$

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