[Bug 730] flag to silently ignore failure

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Sun Nov 28 03:40:47 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From shevek at bur.st  2004-11-28 04:40 -------
Sorry, been a while since I've used nALFS ... I don't remember exactly, and am away from 
my home PC for an extended period, so can't dig up notes.

I remember that it was something obvious, and frequent. I don't remember now if I was 
able to work around by extending the command to add '|| echo it failed' type command. I 
am sure if people have discussed this, that whatever issue I encountered has been 

I do still think it would be useful, as I seem to recall that putting extnded commands into 
the ALFS XML syntax was difficult. However, since I am not looking at using nALFS in the 
near future, I do not hold a strong opinion of how others should implement it ;)

Thankyou for your reply.


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