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  Index: README
  README for the ALFS syntax_doc module
  0. Introduction
  This is a quick readme file on setting up the tools necessary to parse the
  nALFS Hackers Guide XML source into other formats (e.g. HTML or TXT).  If
  you do not want to do that, then you do not need to read this file.  The
  XML source is generally available for viewing and download on the LFS
  website at
  1. Requirements
  * libxml2-2.6.10 or better
  * libxslt-1.1.6 or better
  * DocBook XML DTD-4.3
  * DocBook XSL Stylesheets-1.65.1 or better 
  * lynx-2.8.5 or better
  2. Setting up the DTD
  Follow the steps in the BLFS book for all the packages listed above in the
  requirements section.  It is pretty simple.  The biggest thing is making
  sure that your /etc/xml/catalog and /etc/xml/docbook files are setup
  *** Note that the directory that the HTML files are output to
  can be altered by changing the OUTDIR variable at the top of the Makefile
  or by passing a new variable via the command line, ensuring that when you
  do so, you're new value has a trailing "/".  Also note that the directory
  that DocBook XSL is installed in can be altered by changing the XSLROOTDIR
  variable at the top of the Makefile.  This one is important as a sed later
  on won't work if you have this set wrong. ***
  3. Processing the sources
  By far the easiest way to process the source is by running 
  `make chunks-html`.  An explanation of the process follows:
  For the chunked HTML output, we run the top-level index.xml file through
  xsltproc in conjunction with the alfs-chunked.xsl stylesheet.  The
  index.xml file just has a bunch of entity instructions in it, which
  pulls in all the different chapters of the book.  The alfs-chunked
  stylesheet (in stylesheets/) is a customisation layer, on top of the
  docbook-xsl XHTML/chunked.xsl stylesheet.  It basically configures some
  layout related variables to tweak the output to the liking of the ALFS
  readership.  The majority of work is delegated to the docbook-xsl
  stylesheets.  HTML visual representation is provided by alfs.css also in
  the stylesheets/ directory.
  For the non-chunked HTML output, run `make nochunks-html`.  We do a lot of
  the same processing like the chunked version, except we use
  alfs-nochunks.xsl which like alfs-chunked.xsl is a customisation layer to
  onechunk.xsl provided by docbook-xsl.  The commnad for this one is `make
  For the flat text output, run `make flat-text`.  We run the nochunks-html
  target first and then pass the result through lynx. 

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