[Bug 880] Environment does not get cleared before chapter 5 starts

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------- Additional Comments From kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org  2004-07-23 20:26 -------
I believe the <root> method is the best way to go, because it doesn't require
any changes outside the profile itself. The other method requires that the
profile be run via the script, and if the user does not do that we are exposed
to these unusual problems. I don't have any opposition to the way you've
proposed implementing it.

Note to Rodolfo: Your assumption that using <user> would clear the enviroment
was in error. In the LFS book, the only reason that "su - lfs" clears the
environment is because the book has the user create a .bash_profile for the lfs
user that forcibly clears the environment. Normal usage of "su" does not do
that, and the <user> element in ALFS profiles won't either, because that would
be a drastic change and likely would break existing profiles that rely on the
current behavior.

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