[Bug 880] Environment does not get cleared before chapter 5 starts

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Fri Jul 23 05:53:14 PDT 2004


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            Summary|CPATH environment variable  |Environment does not get
                   |doesn't get cleaned         |cleared before chapter 5
                   |                            |starts

------- Additional Comments From kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org  2004-07-23 06:53 -------
I had never even heard of CPATH before you entered this bug, nor does the book
make any reference to it. Given that, it's not surprising that the current LFS
profile does not make any attempt to override it. I can't see any point in
adding a specific CPATH override in the profile; if we did that, we'd have to
override every variable that could possibly cause a problem, which is a very
long list.

However, I can see some value in modifying the runit.sh script to use the same
"exec env -i ... " technique that the book uses to clear out the environment
before starting nALFS. Alternatively, the chapter 5 portion of the LFS profile
could use the <root> element to chroot to "/", which would mean no effective
change in the root path at all, but the environment would be cleared because the
<root> element has that as a documented side effect.

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