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Author: kpfleming
Date: 2004-07-10 21:42:51 -0600 (Sat, 10 Jul 2004)
New Revision: 1113

move LFS-5.1 branch items

Copied: profiles/LFS/branches/5.1/README (from rev 1112, profiles/LFS/branches/5.1/profiles/LFS/README)

Deleted: profiles/LFS/branches/5.1/profiles/LFS/README
--- profiles/LFS/branches/5.1/profiles/LFS/README	2004-07-11 03:42:40 UTC (rev 1112)
+++ profiles/LFS/branches/5.1/profiles/LFS/README	2004-07-11 03:42:51 UTC (rev 1113)
@@ -1,60 +0,0 @@
-        LFS-5.1.1 PROFILE
-This profile must be used with nALFS 1.1.8 or later.
-To allow an easier customization of the configuration files,
-there is now a configuration directory for the different
-configurations the profile could be used to generate.
-To use the profile you should :-
-1) If you downloaded the LFS packages seperately you should copy 
-   the config_seperate directory to a directory named config :-
-  	cp -r config_seperate config
-   If you downloaded the lfs-package tarball you should copy the
-   config_tarball directory to a directory named config :-
-   	cp -r config_tarball config
-   NOTE: The LFS-5.1.1 package tarball has restricted permissions
-         on the package files contained in it. This will cause errors
-         while executing this profile, because the "lfs" user used
-         during chapter 5 will not be able to access the files. To
-         correct this problem, after unpacking the package tarball,
-         issue the following command in the lfs-packages directory:
-            chmod go+r *
-         This will add group and other read permissions to the files,
-         making them accessible to the "lfs" user.
-2) Customize the files in the new configuration directory
-   - the file general.ent contains a bunch of entity declarations
-     (Note: this file contains an entity called TERM that should be
-            set to the same value as the TERM environment variable on
-            your build system. It defaults to "linux", the most common
-            value for a GNU/Linux system.)
-   - the file fstab.xml contains the commands to generate the fstab file
-   - the file kernel.xml contains the commands for building the kernel
-   - the file grub.xml contains the commands for configuring the grub 
-     bootloader although the steps to do this are commented out by 
-     default
-   - the files keymap-ch6.xml and keymap-ch8.xml are used to set up
-     the default keymap
-3) This profile contains two additional packages that are installed
-   during chapter 9, libxml2 and nALFS. This is done under the
-   assumption that you will want to use nALFS once you have booted
-   your new LFS system to continue building other packages (via BLFS
-   or other profiles).
-4) Execute sh ./runit as root. Please note that if you have installed 
-   nALFS into a location other than /usr/local/bin you will need to edit
-   runit to point to your copy of nALFS.

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