cvs commit: ALFS/profiles/BLFS ALFS-3.1.dtd

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jul 3 10:22:14 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> Did you just copy the file from the ALFS/DTD dir in CVS?  I did not 
> compare to see if they are the same.  Does CVS or SVN have a "link" type 
> mechanism where we can say ALFS/DTD is the real source file, but we a 
> copy (link) of it present in other places?  I have also used Microsoft's 
> VSS and it supports this feature.

Yes, I just copied it over after updating the master in the DTD 
directory with some minor changes. You may want to check the syntax_doc 
to ensure it matches, the {link} element actually supports multiple 
{option}s, not just one.

I don't know yet if SVN will allow us to make a particular file and/or 
directory appear into multiple repos, but I'm hoping it will. That would 
solve this problem for good.

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