[Bug 743] Building static nALFS

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Sat Jan 17 04:16:29 PST 2004


------- Additional Comments From barbos at eurospider.com  2004-01-17 05:16 -------
Good point.
I have a LFS derived system, also with ncurses-5.3.
If the ncurses package is compiled with --with-termlib then you get libncurses.a
and libtinfo.a (libncurses.a needs libtinfo.a). Libtinfo holds the low-level
terminfo library and there are applications that use only libtinfo.a and not
It looks like this is not the standard way, although there are some
distributions that have this separation (like PLD).

Ok, I filled in a bug report too fast, but maybe it is worth checking if
libncurses.a needs libtinfo.a or not.
This problem doesn't appear with libncurses.so*, it includes both parts.

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