cvs commit: ALFS/nALFS/src bufsize.h init.c nalfs.c options.c

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Nov 5 13:00:55 PST 2003

Neven Has wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 09:22:41PM -0700, kpfleming at wrote:
>>  modify init.c to use Nprint_err for some messages instead of direct fprintf
>>  modify option_invalid to use Nprint_err instead of direct fprintf
> Any special reason for these?  I intentionally used printf functions
> to be clear that all this initialization is done before curses are
> even started.

Well, I figured that you had created nprint_text for some reason, so I decided 
to use it (especially since I saw the TODO about making it handle T_ERR by 
outputting to stderr).

> Also, init.c is not consistent any more, which can create quite a
> mess.

That's because I hadn't had time to commit all the changes yet, I was trying to 
change/commit in smaller pieces.

> I suggest you remove these, then there won't be any reason for
> including win.c in init.c and options.c as well.

This was driven by wanting to be able to use Nprint_err in option_invalid(), so 
at some point in the future (when some more coding has been done) if someone 
tries to change an option to an invalid value _after_ curses has been started 
up, the messages can go the normal places (status window and log file). When I 
saw that nprint_text already existed and was very close to what I needed, I 
extended it a little bit and used it.

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