cvs commit: ALFS/nALFS/doc/hackers_guide/chapter01 distro_tarballs.xml

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Tue Nov 4 10:28:35 PST 2003

kpfleming    03/11/04 11:28:35

  Modified:    nALFS/doc/hackers_guide/chapter01 distro_tarballs.xml
  minor updates
  change text to tell user to _not_ commit version numbers to the CVS repository
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +6 -6      ALFS/nALFS/doc/hackers_guide/chapter01/distro_tarballs.xml
  Index: distro_tarballs.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvsroot/ALFS/nALFS/doc/hackers_guide/chapter01/distro_tarballs.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- distro_tarballs.xml	30 Oct 2003 04:27:28 -0000	1.2
  +++ distro_tarballs.xml	4 Nov 2003 18:28:35 -0000	1.3
  @@ -7,11 +7,11 @@
  -<listitem><para>Edit <filename></filename>, and modify the line
  -starting with AC_INIT (should be the first line) to reflect the version number
  -that you want the distribution to be given. Commit this change to the CVS
  -repository, and create a CVS tag to match the version
  +<listitem><para>Edit <filename>bootstrap.configure</filename>, and modify the line
  +starting with AC_INIT to reflect the version number
  +that you want the distribution to be given (replace "CVS" with your desired version number). Do not commit this change to the CVS
  +repository, as the CVS version should always report its version number as
   <listitem><para>Run a normal <filename>./configure</filename> process for your
  @@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
   <listitem><para>Run <command>make distcheck</command>. If your system requires
   any special parameters to be given to configure for it to complete (like
   <command>--with-libxml2</command>, for example), then you can use
  -<command>make DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS="..." distcheck</command> to supply
  +<command>make DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS="..." distcheck</command> to supply
   those parameters. The distcheck process will actually unpack the tarball into
   a temporary directory, and run a complete configure/make/install/uninstall
   process on it to ensure that no build errors occur. This step should be

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