Requested changes

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Jan 20 13:35:17 PST 2014

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 20/01/2014 15:47, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
>> Pierre,
>> I have a couple of requests for enhancement of jhalfs.
>> 1.  We are changing the book to mount /run as a tmpfs in Section 6.2,
>> but I think jhalfs is not umounting it at the completion of the run.
>> Can you check that?

> I am following book modifications, but I was waiting for the changes
> in chapter 09 "rebooting the system" to include them in jhalfs. My main
> concern is that it looks like the logic for unmounting shm should be
> changed too, and I do not know exactly what is to be done.

OK.  I'll make that change.  jhalfs probably doesn't need any changes.

>> 2.  I'd like an option to run without any tests at all.  When doing
>> repeated test runs that do not affect glibc, gcc, etc, the tests take
>> time but don't add anything.  My alternative is to edit the scripts in
>> lfs-commands/chapter06 to remove the test commands manually.

> What if you do not tick "Run testsuites" at all? I believed it should
> prevent any test to be run. If it does not, it is a bug.

Sometimes I need a clue.  Thanks.

   -- Bruce

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