Small nuances

Bryan Gonzalez bgonza868 at
Sat Jan 11 20:33:53 PST 2014

Not how much of a base there is for Ubuntu as a host, but some caveats
encountered running jhalfs from a vanilla Ubuntu 13.10 VM:

the xmllint error does not is not helpful:
"xmllint" must be installed on your system for jhalfs to run

The correct package that contains xmllint for Ubuntu is libxml2-utils.
We can't just install xmllint through apt-get.

This one is BLFS specific:
Error: you need docbook for installing BLFS tools

Also not helpful as installing 'docbook' does not satisfy jhalfs. We
need docbook-xml.

On a side note, regarding BLFS, I cannot get jhalfs to run when BLFS
tool support is selected (for the initial lfs build). However, if I
build a base LFS system, then go back and rerun jhalfs and tick BLFS I
can get it to work. I thought the idea was to be able to configure it
on the first go, or am I mistaken. If it's known to be broken. I'd be
happy to take a stab at fixing it. (or at least letting jhalfs
complete without complaining about BLFS missing scripts. It's supposed
to be missing scripts, the BLFS book is not downloaded until after the
base system build.)

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