xmllint and VERSION in func_book_parser

William Harrington kb0iic at berzerkula.org
Mon Sep 16 13:15:07 PDT 2013


I notice that the VERSION is coming out to be uknown during the status  
report in some situations:

For CLFS, I do notice at line 62 in comon/libs/func_book_parser, we  
have BOOK /prologue/$ARCH..... but we also missed a $BOOK/ in front of  
BOOK/prologue so it should be:

  VERSION=$(xmllint --noent $BOOK/BOOK/prologue/$ARCH/bookinfo.xml 2>/ 
dev/null | grep subtitle | sed -e 's/^.*ion //'  -e 's/<\/.*//') ;;

That way when using a working copy that'll be legit.

Now, I have the book at my home dir and I enter /home/kb0iic/clfs/ 
cross-lfs  and I run:

xmllint --noent BOOK/prologue/x86/bookinfo.xml 2>/dev/null | grep  
subtitle | sed -e 's/^.*ion //'  -e 's/<\/.*//'

and the output


Okay, I just did a jhalfs config and make for a pure64 bit build and  
this is in the Makefile, now:

     @$(call echo_finished,GIT-20130914-x86_64-Pure64)

So it looks proper.

When I use my working copy without the edit, the version is:

  ./create-sbu_du-report.sh logs ; \      (notice no VERSION info,  
which is VERSION=$2 in the create sbu du report script.

When I add $BOOK in front of BOOK/prologue........  I get:

  ./create-sbu_du-report.sh logs GIT-20130914-x86_64-Pure64; \

Either way, I'm pretty sure we need $BOOK in front of BOOK/prologue at  
line 62 in common/libs/func_book_parser


William Harrington

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