Bryan O. Gonzalez bgonza868 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 13:57:12 PST 2013

I agree with removing most of the optimization overrides. I routinely build
good systems with with O3pipe_march as default (every package) with only a
single override: binutils. Binutitls will not build for me using O3 so I
created another mode called O2pipe_march which works great. Mind you, I'm
not running any test suites so I don't know which ones are failing, but the
complete system runs fine.
Therefore it stands to good reason that a user following the book will not
need optimization at all. And if a user does want them, it should follow
that they will want it for every package except those that that they
specify. (Make them figure it out.)
Also, I have little free time at the moment, but I am/was working on a way
to make job control configurable instead of hard coded. I work on 4
different workstations throughout the day so I can't effectively use svn to
store my changes. That's the reason I suggested moving to github so that
anyone can fork and do work when they can without disrupting everyone else.

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