about "optimize" files

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Wed Nov 13 02:30:59 PST 2013

Hi all,

I'd like to change the default optimizations we ship with jhalfs.

First, the opt_override file
The line:
zlib    defOpt_fPIC

is not needed anymore with recent (less than 4 year old at least) 
versions of zlib.
I do not even know if setting -fPIC by hand does not defeat some 
automatic detection.

Also, the line:
glibc    noOpt

is IMHO not needed: if somebody wants to use optimization, I would guess 
that glibc is a good start...
Usually, modern versions of glibc accept very well optimization. If at 
some time, optimization becomes broken, I think it is up to the user to 
figure that out and to add the line in opt_override!

for gcc, noOpt is needed, and for grub, I do not know, but it does not 

Now, the opt_config file. I'd like to ship it with
(quadricore CPUs are very common these days)

and DEF_OPT_MODE=noOpt

This is the most likely way people would want to use the file: job 
parallelization, but otherwise no deviation from the book.

Any thought?


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