CLFS and Jhalfs

William Harrington kb0iic at
Mon Nov 11 12:39:01 PST 2013


Since revision 3754, CLFS has been building flawlessly.

i do have one concern. Our build system let's the user choose between  
static or dhcp networking for the base system, rather than having DHCP  
later, such as LFS.

I'm curious as how we can have jhalfs have the option such as this ( I  
may answer my own problem here):

If using a CLFS book
If book is Cross-lfs and not embedded or sysroot
Then select dhcp or static

Then we'd have to make sure that the dhcp or static commands are ran.

Right now only the static network commands are ran.

I'm working on a bunch of clfs git updates, but I may look into it  
more tomorrow.

It'd be nice to select which type of network install to use.

What'd be even better is for both CLFS and LFS, when using static,

if a network config file isn't specified ( like we do for fstab or a  
kernel config) give the data required for the network file:




William Harrington

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