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Sat Mar 23 02:59:32 PDT 2013

Le 22/03/2013 18:39, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Thomas Pegg wrote:
>> How about something like this Bruce.
> I like that better, but it doesn't give an option if not saving the
> configuration.   Better to either give a choice or just exit(1) if the
> config is not saved.
Why not modify the jhalfs script, rather? (well it needs some help from 
the Makefile...)
Patch attached.

The behavior is: if "configuration" exists prior to running make, it is 
copied with cp -a to configuration.old, so that jhalfs is able to 
determine whether the configuration was saved (modification times of 
"configuration" and "configuration.old" differ) or not.

If configuration does not exist prior to running make and you do not 
save it, jhalfs exits with error, as it should be since it would not be 
able to run anyway.

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