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Thu Mar 21 13:18:15 PDT 2013

What do you mean no one uses Jhalfs? I used it flawlessly just yesterday,
it's a great took. Don't knock it. It took me an entire month to build my
first lfs on a t2060 machine. Only had a few hours each day. Jhalfs took
care of my newest one in just 8 hrs w/O kernel compile.
On Mar 21, 2013 2:58 PM, "Bruce Dubbs" <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:

> Pierre Labastie wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I do not know who reads this list, but I have recently found that there
> > was a "new" (January) bug report on the ALFS Trac.
> >
> > It was about a minor typo and easy to fix (bug #1687). Bruce gave me the
> > privileges on the ALFS Trac system, so that I could close that one.
> >
> > OTH, I discovered quite a few other active bugs, mainly about nALFS and
> > ALFS.
> >
> > Maybe it is not my job, but I propose to close all the {n,}ALFS bugs as
> > "wontfix", with a comment "{n,}ALFS is not developped anymore."
> Sounds good to me.  We probably need to remove all reference to to on
> the ALFS web page and re-write the whole page.  Do you want to do that?
> The wiki page also needs an associated update.
> In the alfs tree, I suggest creating a new directory, archive, and move
> everything not jhalfs there.  The most recent update, other than jhalfs,
> was 6 years ago.
> > As of the few bug reports concerning jhalfs (2 active bugs), I have the
> > following proposition:
> > - for #1686 "BLFS-Tools Error parsing XML dependencies of Xorg", I
> > propose to close it as "wontfix", adding the comment "Jhalfs BLFS-Tools
> > is not maintained anymore. Please use the ablfs branch:
> > svn://"
> I doubt many users use jhalfs for blfs at all.  Most develop their own
> custom scripts.  If it doesn't work, the function should be removed.
> > - for #1680 "Review and extend jhalfs README", I propose to close it as
> > "worksforme" with the comment:
> > "README has been improved a lot since this bug report has been filed. If
> > you need further modifications, please reopen and tell us where we can
> > improve more. Thanks"
> Just mark it fixed.
> One other comment.  When exiting the jhalfs make, there needs to be an
> option for the user to just quit and not have the Makefile try to continue.
>    -- Bruce
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