separating tzdata and XML::Parser scriptlets

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Tue Mar 5 05:05:17 PST 2013

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>> Pierre Labastie wrote:
>>> Although Armin seems to think otherwise, tzdata and
>>> XML::Parser are not parts of respectively glibc and
>>> Perl. So, if doing package management, they should be
>>> packaged separately.
>> For many years, tzdata was embedded into glibc.  It is really data for
>> glibc to use with the zic command installed with glibc.  I don't think
>> it makes sense to separate this from glibc.
> Yes, that was the past.
> Now, there is no reason but history to continue that way to build both together.
> glibc and tzdata are released completely separately and it is simply easier to manage them separately.
> I have done both. It is very convenient to just rebuild a new tzdata without rebuilding glibc.
I understood that the LFS approach is to consider tzdata installation as 
some sort of configuration, rather than as a package by itself. Surely, 
it should not be included in a glibc package.


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