separating tzdata and XML::Parser scriptlets

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Mar 3 07:42:16 PST 2013

On Mar 3, 2013 9:07 AM, "Pierre Labastie" <pierre.labastie at> wrote:
> Although Armin seems to think otherwise, tzdata and
> XML::Parser are not parts of respectively glibc and
> Perl. So, if doing package management, they should be
> packaged separately.
> This is the reason why I'd like to separate the tzdata scriptlet
> from that of glibc and same for XML::Parser.
> I think I could achieve that with some modification of
> lfs.xsl, but OTH, I do not want to begin coding if this is going
> to be rejected by jhalfs users.
> What I propose to do is adding one scriptlet for tzdata and
> one (in the systemd branch) for XML::Parser. This should not
> otherwise change what you are used to.
> Please let me know whether I may go ahead.
> Pierre

What is it you are going to have to do to lfs.xsl?  I actually think your
idea proposed on lfs-book was just fine. Especially since, in this case, we
are only talking about two packages. Reason I am asking about the xsl file
is because I am wondering if we are going down a road which requires more
tweaking and customization than just getting the data from the book.

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