separating tzdata and XML::Parser scriptlets

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sun Mar 3 09:36:06 PST 2013

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Although Armin seems to think otherwise, tzdata and
> XML::Parser are not parts of respectively glibc and
> Perl. So, if doing package management, they should be
> packaged separately.

For many years, tzdata was embedded into glibc.  It is really data for 
glibc to use with the zic command installed with glibc.  I don't think 
it makes sense to separate this from glibc.

I really don't see the issue here that is different from the creation of 

If needed we can create a new remap="" attribute or perhaps reuse 
remap="make".  However, what we have now works fine for me.

> This is the reason why I'd like to separate the tzdata scriptlet
> from that of glibc and same for XML::Parser.

I take no position on this as it only affects the systemd branch, but 
BLFS does have many modules on the same page.

   -- Bruce

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