separating tzdata and XML::Parser scriptlets

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Sun Mar 3 07:06:54 PST 2013

Although Armin seems to think otherwise, tzdata and
XML::Parser are not parts of respectively glibc and
Perl. So, if doing package management, they should be
packaged separately.

This is the reason why I'd like to separate the tzdata scriptlet
from that of glibc and same for XML::Parser.

I think I could achieve that with some modification of
lfs.xsl, but OTH, I do not want to begin coding if this is going
to be rejected by jhalfs users.

What I propose to do is adding one scriptlet for tzdata and
one (in the systemd branch) for XML::Parser. This should not
otherwise change what you are used to.

Please let me know whether I may go ahead.


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