alfs reports

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Wed Feb 27 05:31:09 PST 2013

Le 27/02/2013 00:20, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> I just noticed that we have an instruction in common/makefile-functions
> that says:
> echo $(WHITE)Please send the $(BOLD)$(MOUNT_PT)/jhalfs/$(1)$(WHITE) ; \
> echo file to $(BOLD)manuel at$(WHITE) ; \
> We probably need to change that to jhalfs at and set
> up a method to automatically strip the report from the email and place
> it in a directory accessible via http.
> We also need to review the echo_finished portion of the script and
> update it for teh current book.
>     -- Bruce
Here is a patch for the common/makefile-functions part (change
in e-mail address and echo_finished).
I'll commit it tomorrow if you agree. Actually I would understand
that my English need some polishing (at least...)

For the automation part on higgs, it'll be hard if we do not
give more directions to the user (Subject line, format of
attachment or so). Maybe automatic mail sending "à la"
gcc-test-summary would be better.


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