Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Thu Dec 26 10:34:12 PST 2013

Pierre Labastie wrote:
> Le 26/12/2013 17:23, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
>> Pierre,
>> If we change the shadow package to shadow_4.1.5.1.orig.tar.gz, will that
>> require a change to jhalfs?  The package still extracts to shadow-

> Looks like it works. The version will be tagged as ''. I think it
> can be changed, but getting the version right is rather tedious, so it'll take
> some time.

I'm doing a full build right now.  It looks like texinfo (makeinfo) is 
no longer required in Chapter 5, so that needs to be removed from the 
jhalfs sanity check.

Of course shadow isn't built until almost the end, so it will be a few 
hours until that is validated, but a look at the generated files by 
jhalfs seems to indicate the right thing.

   -- Bruce

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