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Wed Sep 26 20:27:11 PDT 2012

On Sep 26, 2012 5:18 PM, "Svetoslav Trochev" <svetoslav.trochev at>
> Hi,
> Several months ago I successfully build LFS, Learn quite a bit about
> Linux from that experience. I would love to explore more, but manually
> building packages over and over again would be waste of valuable time.
> I start looking into ALFS, but looks like the project is dormant. I
> was wondering why:
> 1. Is it lack off resources ... I mean developers?
> 2. Is it because there is better way for example other project that I
> am not aware of?
> 3. Is it because there is no interest into ALFS? How many people are
> actually using ALFS or LFS in any capacity, or LFS is becoming
> valuable learning tool and then it is time to move to distributions
> like Arch, Gentoo or even OpenEmbedded?
> Thank you,
> Svetoslav Trochev

Alfs is not dormant. The current tool we use is jhalfs. The spec we wrote a
few years ago is for a more detailed implementation that takes what jhalfs
gives us and adds more client/server functionality.  Currently Jeremy is
getting organized for adding package management into jhalfs so we can
better test builds and prove a more repeatable build process and support
some of the other projects like the live Cd. I would recommend you look at

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