Can I use jhalfs with an already exist "tools"?

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at
Mon May 7 10:00:14 PDT 2012

Le 07/05/2012 15:23, xinglp a écrit :
> I want to use an exist "tools" to save some time.
> But the jhalfs only give BREAKPOINT but not STARTPOIN.
> So, is there any way to do that?
> Thanks.
I have never tried that, so all I'll write below should be considered

First, as it is rather difficult to be clear in explanations because
there are several files or directories called jhalfs, let me precise a
bit of vocabulary:
- when I write 'jhalfs source', it means the directory where you
checked out the jhalfs svn.
- when I write 'jhalfs', it means the directory which is created
under $BUILDDIR (by default /mnt/build_dir, but I usually change
its name to /mnt/lfs)

I think it is possible to do the following :
- Run make in the jhalfs source, and be careful NOT to select
'Run the makefile' nor 'Rebuild files' under 'General settings'.
Otherwise, select whatever is adapted to your wills.
Answer yes to 'Do you wish to save your new JHALFS
configuration', then yes twice (unless something goes wrong),
and let the program run to completion.

- There should be a directory named jhalfs in /mnt/lfs (or
whatever name you chose for the build directory).
cd to that directory. Then Type:
sed -i 's/changingowner:.*/changingowner:/'  Makefile
touch mk_SETUP
touch mk_LUSER
touch envars
and it should begin at chapter 6.
But please, _backup your /tools dir first_, if you
want to be sure...


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