jhalfs feature suggestions

James Robertson jwrober at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 18:12:54 PDT 2012


So jhalfs is a neat tool.  I think there are a couple features that could
aid the automation of the build.  I'm pretty sure that Jeremy will want to
add some features to the tool when we get going on package building. jhalfs
would be perfect for that function.


There are a few **EDIT ME*** areas of this file.  It would be good to
expose those settings in the configurator at the front so a person could
put in domain suffix, and primary and backup dns servers.  it might be good
to offer a flag to be able to set the ONBOOT parm to no if you wanted to.


Simiarly, add a configurator option to set the hostname.


The configurator offers a feature to setup and copy over your own fstab
file.  That is cool.  Another alternate feature would simply provide fields
to populate the EDIT ME options here for root and swap partition location
and fs type for the root partition information up front.

I am going to play with custom tools and blfs-tool support to see how those
work.  Does anyone have experience with that they would like to share?

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