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Peter Palmer peter at
Fri Feb 24 11:20:12 PST 2012

On 24 February 2012 16:45, Pierre Labastie <pierre.labastie at> wrote:
> Le 24/02/2012 15:46, Peter Palmer a écrit :
>> On 24 February 2012 13:13, Pierre Labastie<pierre.labastie at>  wrote:
>>> I have seen that CLFS is now on git. Have you tried
>>> to replace svn instructions by "equivalent" git ones
>>> in jhalfs? I do not know much about git, but I know
>>> rather well jhalfs, so if I may be of some help...
>> First thanks to Thomas for giving me an early pointer to the problem I
>> introduced.
>> I was just working on another patch but Pierre beat me to it. I don't
>> bother posting as the only difference is the name for the new variable
>> :)
> Sorry for that. I always think it is easier to explain with code...
>> I never worked with svn as vcs so I use git locally to work with
>> jhalfs. I've got one branch that I keep in sync with the svn trunk.
>> Branching is very easy in git so I create a branch for whatever
>> project I work on. To get the diff I just run:
> Just to make sure we understood each other (I am not a native
> English speaker), I meant that jhalfs had some instructions to
> download on the fly the LFS book from SVN repo. I was not talking
> about managing jhalfs mods with GIT. Seeing how the philosophy
> of GIT is to have a local "working copy" (+ repo), those download
> instructions are maybe not necessary for CLFS.
> Since I am also busy with the blfs tools, I think I won't add GIT
> download instructions now.

Pierre, I was on a different planet there. I am here now:

case $PROGNAME in
# TODO: clfs is now on git
#  clfs* ) declare -r SVN="" ;;
      * ) declare -r SVN="svn://" ;;

~~~~~and here:~~~~~

svn co $SVN/${svn_root}/${TREE} ${PROGNAME}-$LFSVRS >>$LOGDIR/$LOG 2>&1

IMHO for a casual user there is little difference between svn, git or
a tarball and the git philosophy doesn't matter.  Personally, even
when working on a development branch I would always want to be able to
fix a particular version of a book as this makes error hunting a lot
easier. However I can see how the svn/git option is a useful feature
for some; both for LFS and CLFS (and BLFS of course).

I would propose to add something like this though:
if [[ -d $SVN ]] ; then
  echo --n "You seem to have a working copy of the book already. Do
you want to update this to the newest version? (no)"
  read ANSWER

What do you think?

In the mean time I'll have a look at the CLFS/git download.

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